Hello and welcome to my collection of original art, jewelry, and photography! I really am so happy you are here and I truly hope you will find inspiration and a deeper connection to nature through my work! This website has been a labor of love in itself and I am confident you will enjoy navigating through the site, even if you do not purchase any of my creations.

I grew up in beautiful rural Pennsylvania and I’m very grateful I was raised in an environment of lush nature surrounding me, and a family of artists. My entire family is gifted artistically and they are all passionate creators. Since I was a child I have been creating and writing. I moved to New England when I was 16, and living by the ocean and working at a coffee house was a dream of mine, which I happily accomplished. It may have seemed like a small goal to accomplish at the time, but this led me to a great move to Sedona, Arizona. That move was no small one! Traveling cross country and living in an RV while hiking the beautiful red rocks and seeing the beautiful country and desert was a dream come true! Those inspiring years led to many creations! All from a tiny house! But western PA called me home and my little family of my husband, our 2 dogs and cat headed back across the country to find a small home where we could garden, raise chickens, later start an animal rescue and save many little creatures, and find amazing galleries and so much more. Between Sedona and Pennsylvania I became a full time artist and have been part of so many art shows, galleries, and have successfully embraced my art as my entire life! (I’m now back in New England!) My art is now part of everything I do, and not just in setting up shows but it a meditation and a practice of my daily life. I also found photography along my journey and I’m so happy to share this with you. My jewelry I create are little extensions of my original paintings only wearable! I use beautiful gemstones and I truly put my heart and soul into creating each piece.

I also love to garden and I adore plants of all kinds! I am passionate about helping animals and the earth and love to cook and nurture humans and non human animals and the land.

My paintings are inspired from nature, God, the cosmos, and life itself. I create through a process of prayer and mediation and I am hoping these art pieces bring healing to your heart and soul. I use acrylic paint, watercolors, and sometimes oil paint. I have a beautiful collection on this site for you. There is something for everyone from 2×2″ to 30×40″ and framed prints, original watercolors and more. My wish for you is that you will leave me feeling refreshed, renewed, inspired, and alive. And very blessed.

Much love, Amy

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