Reviews from Customers

I want to share these lovely reviews from some of my customers. If you would like to check out more reviews for my art, jewelry, and photography, please check out this section on my Esty shop! ETSY REVIEWS

“I spent many years on the Pacific Ocean, much of it north around Alaska. Amy captured the power, mystery and beauty of the North Pacific Ocean perfectly! This is going to hang in the cabin of my sailboat “My Blue Heaven”. ~ Curt

“Blue Sea”

“This is our third piece by Amy and we love it. The colors are vibrant and evoke a host of emotions, from joy to nostalgia. It makes us long to be at the beach, looking at the moon over the ocean. Soon!” ~ Peter

“Snow Moon”

“This gorgeous print is now in my living room accenting my other wolves. Hands down Amy’s work is stunning and original, and I’ll cherish it for a very long time. ” Stacey

“Alone in Autumn”

“I knew I had to have this beautiful photo the second I saw it! I truly love 4heartandmind’s art also, and I bought a beautiful piece, but , I really think I’ll be back to shop for more photography. Glad I found this Etsy shop! 😊 thank you 😊” ~ Monica

“Spiritual Ice”

“I am thrilled with my first purchase from Amy! The quality of her work and materials is excellent and the bracelet is super comfy (and pretty 💗).” ~ Lisa

“Amazonite Gemstone Bracelet”

“I was so excited to find Blossom to go with Dandelion in a very tricky spot to decorate in the house. These two gorgeous small originals painted by Drago have transformed a dull corner and magically created the perfect dynamic with a neighboring piece. I’m so delighted to continue to amplify the original art in the house with this artist’s work. What a treat and a breathe of fresh air for the entire space. Thank you!” ~ Nicole

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“I’m an avid admirer of Drago’s work… at this point, I’m a collector of her exquisite original paintings. I was fortunate that the artist was willing to relinquish Winged Painter from her personal collection. It completes a very special triad of celestial art. What a divine and inspired composition this is. Thank you, Amy.” ~ Nicole

“The Winged Painter”

“Amy creates beautiful artwork! She really puts her heart and soul into her paintings, and it just shines out. She’s full of love and positivity. We will buy from her again.” Loree~

“Rainbow Mountains”

“I was so excited to receive my beautiful painting in the mail. It’s even more beautiful in person! The colors make my heart so happy and puts my mind at ease during these difficult times. Amy is truly a gifted artist whose art work brings tranquility to a time chaos. My painting came in plenty of bubble wrap along with her card and note. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing art work with the world.” ~ Jennifer

“Quiet Sea”

“I adore this painting! Amy captures the juicy side of nature. The colors are SO vibrant and wonderful! It came right away, this lady ships everything out so fast! I can’t wait to finish renovating the room it is going in. This piece is inspiring me and keeping me motivated!” ~ Sarah

“Sacred Nectar”

“Oh. My. Gosh!! I’ve been involved with art most of my life, but rarely has a piece touched me the way this one has ❤️ Amy’s use of motion and color ties together wonderfully. This painting is abstract, yet detailed and well thought out. I see new details each time I study it and it relaxes me and brings me peace. Amy’s beautiful creation was obviously made with a lot of love… it shows. It was carefully packaged and arrived in perfect condition.” ~ Emily

“Holy Spirit”

“First, I love this little dragonfly. The colors are much more vivid in person and Amy successfully created the illusion of flight. I am very pleased with this piece and have found the perfect spot to hang it in my home. I am a big fan of Amy Drago’s artwork and have bought several pieces over the years. My dragonfly arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I find 4HeartandMind very easy to work with. Thank you Amy!” ~ Nona

“Sky Dragonfly”

“I have trouble staying focused and grounded. Was looking for some stones or crystals that would help. Within minutes (and with a little help) I was reading this description: “Crazy Horse Stone is a very protective and grounding stone as well as a very nurturing and comforting stone…” Pretty sure this piece was made for me 🙂
Ordered a bracelet and necklace (haven’t taken the bracelet off since I received it in the mail.). Going through a bit of a funk right now and they are both helping!
Quick delivery service AND they came blessed with love and light! Will definitely order again soon!” ~ Melanie

“Wood and Gemstone Bracelet”

“I love your art! So beautiful and a wonderful addition to my home! Thank you!!!” ~Katie

“Gentle Mountain”