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"Crystal & Turquoise Necklace"


Petite, feminine and fairy like! This dainty necklace was created with Kingman Arizona turquoise, glass, sterling silver, crystal and faceted Czech glass. 16"



"Wind Love"


What a beautiful blend! This amazing necklace was created with Charoite ~ A stone that empowers, protects and helps one discover their spiritual path! This beautiful piece is complimented with sterling silver and sleeping beauty turquoise! So, So, gorgeous!!! Pure positive energy!  19.5"


"Truth in Wisdom"


20 inches of beauty, for a man or woman. Stunning in its deep red cinnabar and copper look! Splendid when paired with stone. A deeply spiritual necklace of power and wisdom.



"Sea Journey"


Sea Journey is a gorgeous necklace created with Shiva shells and agate from New Mexico. Perfect for the woman who loves the sea! Looks great with dresses but also with tanks tops! Very deep in meaning and created with my love for nature and the sea. 19"


"Star Love"


Star Love a beautiful and handsome necklace created for a man or woman. 21" of glass and crystal. Green and blue/gray. A very powerful necklace with great healing and power. The brother to "Moon Love"




Athena is a tribute to the Goddess of Wisdom and truth. Created with faceted Czech glass and crystal she shimmers and shines in great majesty and reverence. A very original design! 20"




This handsome necklace is made with hematite and jasper from New Mexico. Hematite is very beneficial for those people who lack courage and determination. It also improves concentration, logical thinking and aids in removing negative thoughts. 24"

"Leafy Glade"

$80.00   SALE ~ $65.00

A beautiful blend of ivory jade, peirdot, rare lemon magnesite, and Czech glass. Shipped in a beautiful hand painted box. 21"

"Life Balance"

$60.00   SALE ~ $50.00

A necklace with beautiful balance and harmony! Created with beautiful semi precious stones, Malachite, and a handsome hand painted porcelain bead with yin yang motif. Shipped in a hand painted box! 23"

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