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Each Necklace is truly original and inspirational!  I hope you enjoy the uniqueness and beauty these necklaces possess!


"Southwest Beauty Necklace" ~ $150.00"Southwest Beauty Necklace" SOLD!

This necklace is my most favorite creation!!! The heart of this necklace is the amazing focal! Pam Wynn designed and created this clay bead. I found Pam when I moved out West. The detail and beauty of her beads blow me away! I decided to fully bring out the intricate wonder of the focal I had to use copper and silver on each side. Of course the body of this necklace is Sleeping Beauty Turquoise ~ A new batch straight from Arizona! (of course!) ;~) And beautiful, beautiful jasper. The earrings are sold separately, but if you would like to purchase these items together please contact me and I will lower the price.


Jasper Beauty Necklace


A beautiful blend of Jasper and Unakite. 20 inches


"Blue Coral Necklace" ~ $45.00

"Blue Coral Necklace"

A beautiful necklace created with dyed coral. Beautiful turquoise colors mixed with black crystal. A unique and beautiful addition to your jewelry collection! :)  20 inches

"Howlite and Turquoise Necklace"


An amazing necklace created with howlite gemstone, turquoise, and cats eye.

"Savage" With a Matching Custom Made Box of Primitive Energy

"Savage" ~ $40.00

Savage is a unique necklace of wood, coral, and sterling. Made with a man in mind, however many women also love this necklace and this is not the 1st one I have made and sold! 19"

"Blue Glass Necklace"

"Blue Glass Necklace" ~ $15.00

A gorgeous collection of blue glass, crystal, and sterling. 19" And so delicate and beautiful you will want to wear this necklace everyday!


"Winter Goddess Necklace"

"Winter Goddess Necklace" ~ $40.00

17.5 Inches of beauty! Faceted blue glass with hints of aqua green and beautiful blue glass.



"Labyrinth" ~ $40.00 Unique necklace for a man or woman! Created with stone and brass. 23"



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