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Earrings 4


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  Antique Chinese Earrings ~ $60.00

These amazingly gorgeous earrings were created with Antique Chinese coins wire wrapped in gold-filled wire, gold-filled ear wires.

Blue Bell Earrings ~ $35.00

Adorable and beautiful blue hand painted porcelain with sterling silver ear wires.

Czech Glass Earrings ~ $30.00 SOLD!!!

Earthy Czech glass make these earrings simplistic and unique. Perfect for any occasion! Gold plated ear wires.


Dog Star Earrings ~ $35.00

 Inspired by the universe! I love these earrings! Hand painted porcelain beads combined with glass blue beads. Sterling Silver Ear Wires.



Full Moon Earrings ~ $40.00

 Inspired by our Mother Moon! Created with fresh water pearls and crystal ~ Sterling Silver Ear Wires.



Grand Canyon Earrings ~ $45.00

Vintage hand painted beads made by the descendants of the Incas in Peru, grade A lapis, sterling silver rondelles, combine to create the look of Native American. Silver Ear Wires.



Lantern Earrings ~ $37.00

Created with carnelian, lapis, and glass these bright and artsy earrings are so unique! Sterling silver ear wires.


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