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Paintings 3


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"Sacred Sunset" ~ $150.00

Acrylics on Canvas ~ 24"X18"


"Zebra Flower" ~ SOLD!

This is a Zebra Flower! A creation I felt I had to create in the strangeness of a desert life! ~ 4"X4"X1" No need to frame, painted on all sides. Perfect for hanging or for a shelf!

Please contact me if you are interested in buying ~ presently being shown in a gallery ~ SOLD!!!


"2nd Reiki Attunement" ~ $700.00

I Painted this after my 2nd Reiki Attunement. This painting has been with me for a long time and I am happy to finally share her! Many blessings and Love to the person who includes this piece in their home! 30"X40" ~ Acrylics on Canvas


"Moon Dream" ~ $190.00

I painted this after a night drive ~ The "Long Night Moon" ~ The full moon of December created a beautiful glow over the mountains and wrapped me in her comfort. No Need for a frame, painted on all sides with 1.5" "frame" ~ 10"X8"X1.5"


"Mountain Descent" ~ $65.00

On my 30th Birthday I spent the morning on top of a mountain in New Mexico. This is my vision when I was descending from this beautiful mountain. Painted on all sides ~ Gallery Wrapped (2" Frame)10"X10"


"Desert Eyes" ~ $37.00

The desert is full of secrets and mystery. I see her with eyes like gold and hair of yellow.  4"X4" Acrylics On High Quality Canvas. Painted on all sides

"Tree Wind Conversation" ~ $57.00 SOLD!!!

4"X12" ~ High Quality Canvas ~ Acrylics ~ I painted this after a cross country trip and finally arriving at my new home in Sedona Arizona. Every night the wind begins to swirl around the trees outside and I can hear the language between the wind and the trees. I don't fully understand it but I paint what I hear! One lovely tree above my motor home is very vocal! This is her/his song! Painted on all sides ~ No need for a frame!


"Nature's Kiss" ~ $57.00

The kiss of Nature to my cheek ~ Sweet and one with God/Goddess ~ No need for a frame ~ Acrylics on canvas.  6"X6" On High Quality Canvas.


"Tears of Gaia" ~ $57.00

Created with acrylics on High Quality Canvas. 6"X6" ~ No need to frame ~ Painted on all sides with a 1" Frame

"Moon Light on Mountains" ~ $57.00



"Sun Burst" ~ $35.00

 Created with Acrylics on High Quality Canvas. Painted on all sides! 5"X5"



"The Sun's Flower" ~$60.00



"Goodnight  Mountain" ~ $38.00



"Enchantment Land" ~ $40.00

 Created with Acrylics on High Quality Canvas. 4"X4" Painted on all Sides


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