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I am a Painter, healer, poet, and jewelry designer. I have been creating since I can remember. Every gentle kiss of nature has blessed me with the inspiration and love to create my own impressions of Mother Nature’s gifts! 

I grew up in beautiful green Pennsylvania and moved to Rhode Island when I fell in love with the Ocean. While living in New England I developed my own individual style and found painting was a necessity in my life. I had no choice but to create. In addition to painting, I write poetry, design and make jewelry, and teach and practice Reiki. All of these art forms are one to me, along with Reiki, Essential Oils, herbs, and Organic food. There is no separation in health and happiness. As an artist, I believe when I finally understood the connection that our souls have to the One and All, my creations were full of life and took on an individualistic style all of their own!

Along my journey of creating I have been very fortunate to work in the Human Service field, getting to know and work with wonderful people! I have also been very blessed to work with animals. Over the years I have participated in art and jewelry exhibits in New England, including the Hygienic Art show in Connecticut. I have been teaching and practicing Reiki and advocating a natural and healthy way of life through good nutrition and use of herbs and Essential Oils for many years.

I have recently moved to beautiful Sedona, Arizona after many inspiring trips to visit the Red Rocks. I have always been drawn to the southwest and I am so blessed to have this opportunity to live here. My work is a direct connection of my great love and passion for nature and the spiritual connection with all beings surrounding me. I am excited to share my paintings with you and hope you find peace and inspiration in these works. I am happy to be in communication with you through art. Thank you for taking your time to share in this sacred communication! 

In Healing and Love ~ 

Amy Drago 


Any questions regarding jewelry please contact Amy at 928-300-0992 or  Thank you!